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Electronic Cigarretes Information

If you don't have an electronic cigarettes device starter kit, you've come to the right place. We are also known as the digital cig or digital ciggs. We have a nice selection of starter kits ready for you to start enjoying a new freedom. We carry the best starter kits available on the market. The models that are currently best on the market are the Joye 510, Joye eGO mega or Type B eGo low resistance kit that comes in several colors such as black or steel. Of course there are other models such as the KR808D-1 and The Revolution by Boge. If you've never tried smokeless cigarettes and are new to vaping, you may want to get your feet wet with a Q Automatic 510 disposable kit.

Electronic cigarettes are made of three main components. A battery to power your device, an atomizer that vaporizes the e-liquid and a cart/cartomizer that feeds your e-liquid to your atomizer. Your device can be used without a cart/cartridge using the dripping method, utilizing a drip tip. There are various accessories available to you to use parts interchangeably, power your device or even conduct testing on your device with a Digital Multi-Meter 7 Function to ensure its optimal performance. Protect your eGO button with an eGo Button Protect.

Atomizers are at the core of your device. The different selections of atomizers allow you to use them for different purposes on different devices. Currently the devices fall into two main categories, one being a low resistance also known as LR and the other is a standard resistance atomizer. These two different types can be used on your 306, Joye 510 eGO, Joye 510 eGO Mega , 901 and also come in different finishes to match your existing device.

The batteries must fit your current device, if you need to use a different battery with your atomizer and they don't match, there are adapters you may be able to use. If you have a 510 device and want to use a 306 or visa versa, there is no need for an adapter. There are a few different batteries we carry and they are either for your manual or automatic device. Todays most common and favored device is the Joye 510 Manual battery which comes in the XL or the Mega size. A neat feature for these batteries is that you can choose your LED color of choice, whether that be a blue, green or white one. The finishes on the batteries are insured to match your black, titanium, white or steel device. There are also the 808D-1, KR808D-1. 510 V2 USB Pass Thru devices allow you to use your ecig while it's charging.

The cartridges and cartomizers are used to feed the e-liquid/ecig juice. Carts and cartomizers need to match the atomizer or the device you're using. What's interesting is that with cartomizers, they are a cartridge/atomizer combo that come in the low resistance LR or standard models. You can purchase these two items for your Joye 510 standard, Mega , KR808D-1, CARTOMIZERS E2 VER.4, XL Royal Smoker E2-ver.4 510 Cartomizer Chrome and Royal Smoker E2-ver.4 510 Cartomizer Black. Some even come preloaded with Menthol, Marlborough, Coffee, 555 or Chocolate flavored juicy goodness. To make it more convenient to full your cartomizer, a E2 Cartomizer Filler Kit is highly recommended.

After a while, you will most likely try what's known as dripping. With dripping you drop your ecig liquid directly on your atomizer. If you drip, you will need to get yourself a drip tip. Drip tips come in Anodized Aluminum, Black and Clear, Green and Purple, Redish Pink or just black colors. Keep in mind that your drip tip needs to match your Joye 510, 306 and Joye eGo MEGA device.

E-liquid is available in various sizes and nicotine strengths. They come in 16mg (low), 18mg (medium) and 24mg (high) strengths. The flavors are, however not limited to: Caramel Vanilla Latte, Cinna-Rollz, Cuban Crisis, English Toffee Crunch, Honey Beez, Sub Zero Menthol, Sunday Crepes, Sweet Hills, The Vanillaz, Turkish Tech and the yummy and icy Watermelon Ice. If you can't decide which flavor you like, why not try the e-liquid start pack.

We have alternative devices such as the Genuine Ruyan Disposable E-cigar or a stylish digitalciggz.com USA made t-shirt. Digital Ciggz is the home of the exclusive Eclipse EQ Personal Vaporizer. It's the most innovative, high-tech personal vaporizer in the market. There are currently patents pending on this device.